Class 6: Collaborative Production

Today, we’re going to think about media literacy issues by using online spaces to cultivate and collaborate on scripts, and create digital videos to share our thoughts.

Class 5: Building spaces & best practices for online student work

Progress Reports Share out your progress While you’re talking through your progress we’ll have the Common Core Standards for Speaking and Listening for your grade level opened along with your Media Literacy Unit Plan.  Let’s pull as much as we can from Comprehension and Collaboration, or Production and Distribution of Writing for your activity. Vicki,…

Class 4: Digging Deeper into Integrated Unit Plans

Today we’re going to reflect on your attempts at using a digital tool in your classrooms. You will use your Media Literacy Planners to take notes, and give each other feedback. We will also look at new tools for merging accountable talk, and digital production, including the iPad App ShowMe, and blogging software like Google Sites and Blogger.

Our Mind Map of School Profiles, Hopes & Fears from Class 1

During our first class meeting, teachers worked within this collaborative mind map using the free online tool, MindMeister, to outline their hopes and fears as educators attempting to incorporate media literacy and digital media into their respective school and classroom environments. The map is private to teachers participating this course:

Class 2: Situating Media Literacy in your School

This week we will eview a range of technology tools, and use a shared note taking tool to discuss what media literacy looks like in our respective classrooms. At the end of class we will discuss going deeper into a production tool that intrigues you for designing our first classroom activity in class 3.