Class 1: Locating yourself and your school in the K-12 Media Literacy Landscape

K-12 LandscapeDuring week one we will survey the modern K-12  landscape , introduce the concept of “media literacy”, and locate ways it is alive in New York City schools.

We will discuss successes and challenges, hopes and fears of participating teachers and their respective schools regarding technology in the curriculum, and talk about what they want to get out of this course.

We’ll look at different school infrastructure profiles and approaches to adapting curricula to today’s culture, the Common Core, and ideas of “21st century education” that have developed over the past decade.


Introductions & Logistics: 

  • Rhys’ story (using the mind map)
  • Exchanging Google Accounts (or creating them), getting everyone connected to the internet
  • Rhys introduces tool of the day:
  • Classmates sign up for MindMeister Accounts
  • Classmates introduce themselves, what they teach, and Rhys puts them on the Mind Map

Tour of the Course Website:

  • different type of course – inquiry and project based
  • readings, software, and collaborative environments (sign up!)
  • requirements (formats to be discussed and customized)
  • schedule of class meetings
  • reading assignments will be posted each week
  • blog posts with specific agendas will be posted day of class or before

What Rhys’ Goals are for the Course: 

  • Help you feel out where you are in the current landscape and set goals for yourself that fit with the pedagogical vision of your school. 
  • Through project-based work introduce you to a range of digital tools, and critical thinking concepts related to new media.
  • Develop a rough Scope and Sequence of technological skills linked to media literacy concepts and the traditional curricula class participants teach.
  • Develop activities, and at least one unit of study that each class participant feels they can integrate into their classroom with confidence.

Teachers share what they hope to learn from the Course:

Rhys creates Mind Map, shares it with teachers, and let’s teachers take control throughout…  

  • Describe yourself on the spectrum: What do you have access to?  What is your comfort level (1-5) a) navigating digital media, b) creating digital media, c) teaching kids to use digital media, d) talking about the role of digital media in the lives of kids?
  • 1 hope for this course
  • 1 fear for this course

Rhys Talks through the K-12 Landscape

  • Walking through this Mind Map,
  • Media Literacy Overview
  • K-12 landscape
  • Project and Tool Example Review
  • Inquiry question dump from teachers

Mind Map Group Activity

  • Share a Mindmeister mind map between classmates
  • Split into 3 small groups
  • Post potential projects that you might engage in during this course with your students, break them into the following branches: a) what is the media literacy value of the project? b) what digital skills do you and your students need to learn?  b) how will the project enhance your traditional curriculum?

Review assignments for next week:

  • Sign up for free accounts on Play!Ground (check the Collaborative Environments page)
  • Review a little media literacy history (check the readings page!)

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