Class 2: Situating Media Literacy in your School

Featured Software

  • (Sign up for a free account — available through iPad/iPhone App and online)
  • (connect this to your school Google Account)
  • Project New Media Literacies: PLAYground
  • Webcam for Student Video Recording (in iMovie, Phone/Mobile, or


Logins and logistics

NOTE: we are looking at a lot of technology tools today.  At the end of class we will discuss going deeper into one of these tools, your comfort level and/or keeping multiple tools open for class use.  

  • get into links above (using File + New Tab; shortcut “command + shift” and click the link to open in a new tab)
  • sign up for Voicethread account (free), download the app (if applicable)
  • open the course website and get to this post
  • talk through NYCDOE parent consent to photo/video

Mindmeister Review

  • Share your experiences from your classroom.
  • How did you use the K-12 landscape map as a resource?
  • Review of the mind map created during the last class: K-12 MediaLit Teachers Profiles, Hopes & Fears 
  • Support requests?  Reading (amount) reactions?

Discussion based on Readings:  How do YOU define Media Literacy in your classroom?

  • Wallwisher discussion starter: What does “media literacy” mean in your 2013 classroom?  (suggestion: if you are going to type a lot, “select all + copy” before you post your comments on the wall, OR type in the program Text Edit, then copy/paste into a wallwisher box)
  • Discussion and note taking on the Wall

Introduction to Voicethread

Assignments for Next Class (2.25.13)


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