Class 3: Connecting Media Literacy to CCSS in a Digital Activity

Before class: Rhys will check iPads, update laptops, and test Voicethread functions in the building.

Re-introduction to Voicethread: DO NOW

  • Go to this Voicethread Project:
  • Log in to your Voicethread Account
  • Leave a voice or video Comment:
    Connect an idea you would like to explore in your classroom through digital media with one of the Media Literacy concepts posted in this Voicethread.  Please add your comment to the page that shows the concept you will connect to, and circle it with your mouse as you record your comment. If you have no ideas brewing yet, describe a concept that could be a starting point for your students based on their need and experience.
  • If you finish early, you can add a custom image to your “identity”
  • Then move on to the Shared Notes Document below

NEED HELP with Voicethread Comments?  Rhys is floating around… 

VoicethreadVoicethread Shared Notes and Brainstorming

Feel free to start jotting notes about project ideas in this document after you finish your DO NOW activity.

Voicethread examples and Resources

Voicethread presentation types


Kindergarten Event:

Grade 1 Family Traditions:

Grade 1 Buddy Reading:

Discussion/deconstruction/analysis, accountable talk

Grade 2 News Room: (don’t miss slide 2 with video of how it looks in the classroom)

Grade 4 Math: (look at how the kids are interacting)

Independent Student Storytelling (I.e. poetry, research, persuasive writing)(show 3rd grade example)

PS 124: Multimedia Writing – Voicethread in the writing process from The Media Spot on Vimeo on Vimeo.

Why Voicethread?  What’s it good for?

  • It’s asynchronous
  • Relatively simple to produce
  • Cloud-based: students can work at home or on any device in school
  • Students can mix media, you can annotate and respond to work within
  • NOTE Whole class independent production takes time to get off the ground (pro accounts, limited free accounts, requires student independence, or teacher management)

Share out: Find People you might partner with to plan a Voicethread Activity

  • Take a few minutes to discuss and find someone thinking along the same lines as you.
  • If you need to review the projects above or
  • Please pair off in 2s even if there are more that 2 that want to do a similar activity.

BREAK! 10 min

Voicethread Comments: DO NOW Part 2

Review the Voicethread basics: Upload, Comment, iPad

Activity Part 1: Google docs Media Literacy Planner Workshop

  1. Open this Media Literacy Unit Planner
  2. Click File + Make a copy
  3. Share it with a partner, share it with Rhys (
  4. GOALS – connect an essential question from a unit of study to a core competency of Media Literacy and a Common Core Standard

We will continue to flesh this out as we go in the future, building towards a complete plan for an integrated unit of study.

Activity Part 2: Start Building your Activity for your Students

  • Prepare a Voicethread activity that you can try in your classroom before our next class meeting.

Questions for next Class: 3.11.13 (in 2 weeks)

  • Option: What do you feel about videotaping your classroom for discussion in class?
  • Do any of you need release forms for video consent for your students?
  • Can we activate your Columbia TC resident teachers in a win-win situation where they learn more about what you’re doing while helping you manage the productions?  i.e. Wednesday 3:30-4:30 to put the residents to work with me?  Molly Cutler is trying to get the residents work to dovetail with your work. possible 6th period demo class that’s taped and reviewed in class (or as homework)

See the readings page for additional links.


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