Class 4: Digging Deeper into Integrated Unit Plans

Today’s Plan in a Nutshell

  1. Do Now Activity 1:  Reflecting in the ML Planner Documents
  2. Discussion: Share out progress/look at Projects/Reflections/Troubleshooting while jotting ideas into each others’ planners
  3. Digital Tool Showcase:  Annotation on Show Me on the iPad (show the videos of the 1st graders?)
  4. Blogging/accountable talk/standards,
  5. PLAYground do now.  Tools: showme, google sites, playground.  What are the standards involved? Pick a focus group of anchor standards for the day.

Do now 1:  Reflect on your recent Experiences in the ML Planner  

Beef up your Media Literacy Planners (linked below) based on what you tried last week in your respective classrooms.  Use my comments in each of your planners for ideas. 

Before you move on…

  • Share each other in as “Can Comment” to each others’ Google Drive Media Literacy Unit Planners:  Just click the “Share” button in the top right of your doc and copy/paste your classmates addresses into the box at the bottom.  Make sure it says “Can Comment” next to people not in your group before you click “Save” and “Done”.
    emails: brianna garcia <>, Janice Manning <>, Judith Alexander <>, Lauren Bonsignore <>, Lindsy Aitken <>, nat hawks <>, Vicki Holland Jose Ramos <>, Zoe Sylvester <>
  • Update your titles to the ML Planner as follows:  ML Planner: NAME of your Unit/Activity, Grade Level, Teacher Names (i.e. ML Planner: Eleven Reading Response, Grade 5, Vicky, Judy, Janice)
  • Resolve Comments: Once comment “threads” in the right margin of your Planners are no longer needed, click the “Resolve” button that appears when you roll over them.  That will archive them under the “Comments” tab on the top left of the document.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t delete them.

Live Discussion, Troubleshooting and Commenting

  • Share out progress, look at your Projects in progress, reflections or changes of course, troubleshooting.
  • While group members are talking, others should jot ideas into each others’ planners.

Tool Showcase: iPad Annotation Software

Help Resources

Activity: make a less than 1 min tutorial for other teachers

We are going to annotate on a screenshot of your media literacy planner, a work in progress, or alternately an image of your choice to create a less than one minute video with you 1) sharing something that worked for you, 2) explaining something that you’ve learned so far in your project, and how you arrived at that point, 3) using the annotation tools in ShowMe to highlight details in your planner, an image of your project, or another related image.

  1. Open iPads
  2. Option 1: take a screenshot of something you will annotate and discuss from your Media Literacy Planner
    1. Open Safari, go to today’s agenda in
    2. click on the link to your media literacy planner
    3. get the page the way you want it to appear in ShowMe, and click the Home Button and Power Button at the same time to take a Screenshot
  3. Option 2: take a screenshot of your project in Voicethread, MindMeister, etc. to annotate
    1. Open the Voicethread (or other) app and log in to find the content you want to highlight
    2. get the page the way you want it to appear in ShowMe, and click the Home Button and Power Button at the same time to take a Screenshot
  4. Option 3: pull an image from the Internet or take an image with the camera to make your point
  5. Open the App “ShowMe”
  6. Log in: username – yourfirstnamemedialit, password – abc123
  7. Click the + to start a new ShowMe
  8. Click the +image icon and “Choose Photo” then select the screenshot you took from the “Camera Roll”
  9. Plan your ShowMe
    1. On paper or on your laptop, write down what you will say, and plan for how you’ll annotate on the screen as you talk
    2. Practice Annotating before you record
    3. Have one group member annotate while the other speaks
  10. Record your ShowMe
    1. Click Save ShowMe, Save, then Give it a title
    2. Add the Topic “Media Literacy”
    3. Allow it to post to the internet automatically (it will say “Posting”)


Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 2.57.32 PMIntro to Classroom Blogging

Possible Activities/Examples of Blogs in K-12:

Tool Intro: Google Sites (

  • Support: Google Sites Support, Blogger Support
  • Other similar software you could try: (shorter bits – can be private), (like Facebook), (uses WordPress), (uses WordPress)

Discuss your Next Moves with your Partner

Homework (for next Monday)

    • Continue experimenting in class and taking notes in your planner
    • If you are going a new direction with Google Sites or ShowMe, adjust your planner, or start a new one by making a copy of the template

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