Class 5: Building spaces & best practices for online student work

Progress Reports

Share out your progress

While you’re talking through your progress we’ll have the Common Core Standards for Speaking and Listening for your grade level opened along with your Media Literacy Unit Plan.  Let’s pull as much as we can from Comprehension and Collaboration, or Production and Distribution of Writing for your activity.

Digital Accountable Talk (To be continued on the “PLAYGround” during the Break)

Take a look at these resources:

Accountable Talk Prezi

Digital Accountable Talk Overview

Digital Accountable Talk Essential Question

Discussion Introduction

Can digital accountable talk — what we’re calling the use of professional or academic language (a.k.a. “lingo”), and practice with agreed upon rules for collegial discussion — lead to higher order thinking?  Could it lead kids to more critical thinking when they produce their own messages?  Answer with your own grade level, content, and students in mind.  We will continue this discussion as homework using the PLAYGround software.

Do Now: Respond to middle school bloggers using accountable talk (Blogger)

  1. Visit the Soundview Film Blog:
  2. Look at the conversations going on within the different posts by clicking where it says
  3. Watch the video film review of Six Dollar Fifty Man, then respond to students in a “Comment” using accountable talk and the accountable talk rubric.

Tool Practice: Google Sites

Tool: Google Sites (

  • Support: Google Sites Support, Blogger Support
  • Other similar software you could try: (shorter bits – can be private), (like Facebook), (uses WordPress), (uses WordPress)

Review Possible Activities/Examples of Blogs in K-12 from last week:

Brainstorming activity

  • (if it works inside the firewall today!) or Google Doc for “smackdown” discussion of how you could use an online learning environment with your students (6 minutes brainstorm, 6 minutes discussion)
  • Start your own blog

Readings & Homework for 4.8

Readings and assignments for the 2.5 week break will be emailed.

PLAYGround Written Instructions

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