Class 6: Collaborative Production

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Free Write Reading Reflection 10 minutes reacting on one of the following pieces:

Project New Media Literacies: Create Circulate Connect Collaborate:

Some points to consider…

  • How do concepts of Play, Performance, Simulation, Appropriation, Multitasking, Distributed Cognition, Collective Intelligence, Judgement, Transmedia Navigation, Networking, Negotiation already come into play in your classroom with or without technology?
  • What could you do with a student classroom experience to add an element of “Participatory Culture” to your classroom?

TED Talk video, Salman Khan: Salman Khan: Let’s use video to reinvent education:

Some points to consider…

  • When might your students prefer you on Youtube rather than in person? (Using computers to “humanize the classroom”)
  • How could Blended learning or “flipping the classroom” like Khan Academy fit with your practice?  i.e. “Lectures for homework, homework in the classroom”?
  • How can these ideas from Khan, help you think about the student-to-‘valuable human time with a teacher’ ratio in your classroom?

TED Talk video, Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone?:

3 Gratifying Fantasies

  1. We can put our attention wherever we want it to be,
  2. We will always be heard, and
  3. We will never have to be alone.

Other points…

  • How does the notion of “being together, but not being together” sit with you when related to technology in your classroom?  i.e. Paying attention “when it matters to you”.
  • How can you use Turkle’s ideas to keep the use of technology in the classroom self-reflective?
  • As teachers who believe media literacy is important, how will you balance Solitude vs. Collaboration and Connection?
  • Can the ideas of around accountable talk that we discussed last class help intervene and add depth to the online “sips” that Turkle says currently do not add up to much?
  • How could you leverage kids’ preference for text over talk, in the classroom?
  • How could you leverage the feeling that “someone is listening” online in the classroom?

Discuss Final Projects

They should all be organized within the Media Literacy Unit Planner, but could be presented via Mind Meister, Google Sites, or a Video.

  • Create your own plan (if it’s something you’re in the process of trying, plan it how you would do it next time — knowing what you know now, or without constraints you’re experiencing this time around)
  • Build in standards and media literacy competencies and digital literacy skills
  • Lay out your classroom management strategy
  • Write an abstract that describes the project that includes 1) how you think this will deepen your common core-based or content-based goals, 2) how it promotes your students’ digital and media literacy, and 3) how, if at all, your experiments have changed your outlook on the role of digital media and media literacy in your classroom.

Video Production Resources


Book Reviews

Video Poetry

Collective Scripting Activity: Google Sites, Remixing, Appropriating, and Creating Something New

Google Sites Resources

For Class 7:  Email will be sent


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