Class 7: Establish bias; Decode, Deconstruct, Remix

Do now: Are you experiencing Future Shock?  What’s your Pedagogical Bias?

  • Read this short excerpt on Digital & Pedagogical Future Shock and respond to the 2 questions at the bottom in the Google Doc.
  • Go to this Padlet add your thoughts on the purpose of education for kids.  What is your Pedagogical Bias?
  • FOLLOW UP ACTIVITY: Organize the responses on the Padlet wall into general groups.  Discuss how those groups overlap with Essential Competencies of Media Literacy and Common Core Anchor Standards.  How can you simplify your curriculum and practice to incorporate media literacy with CCSS and serve YOUR bias?

Production Activity – LAMPlatoon: Breaking & Remixing Ads or Book Trailers

  • Deconstruct the video you downloaded before class and remix it using the key questions PDF.  
  • Upload it to your Vimeo account (after class if you’d like to keep working on it) 
  • Submit your “broken commercial” to the LAMPlatoon (after class if you’d like to keep working on it)
  • FOLLOW UP:  How did this exercise make you think about authorial intention?  Analyzing media texts?  Would these skills transfer to analysis of other textual forms?   

Discuss Final Projects

Requirements for Monday May 6: 

“Turn in” via Google Drive a final version of your media literacy unit planners and a 2-3 page summary of how your project is relevant as an effective example of media literacy in the classroom that is grounded in the Common Core.

Your planner can be filled out collaboratively, or if you want to explore on your own, you can take the collaborative work from this point “File + Make a Copy” and go in your own direction.

Each of you should write your own project summary.

Make sure they are all shared with me by the final class meeting in Google Drive.

The purpose of the planner is to: 

  • Archive the ideas for you and others
  • Note challenges and questions to inform and explore on your next try (Note these in the right column) — What did you NOT get to do?  What would you do differently?  What made it work?
  • To consider media literacy value alongside Common Core Standards, and attempt to deepen or enhance the essential questions your students are investigating, or give you or your students new ways of approaching those questions.

Your summaries should reflect the following: 

  • If you feel your project was a successful blend of media literacy and the common core:  explain to a potential administrator or educator at your school or another how this project (potentially) expands traditional notions of literacy to new media, allows students to interact with traditional materials through modes of communication they are comfortable with and/or excited by, builds digital skills while addressing Common Core Standards, etc. 
  • If you feel your project has potential, but does not do all of the above, describe it’s limitations.  Was it strong in one area, weak in others?  Were the logistics too challenging to make this a routine part of your practice?  If so, what needs to change?
  • How has this project has affected your vision of the role of digital and media literacy in the K-5/Middle School curriculum?   Explain how projects like this could potentially find their way into your teaching practice moving forward?  Do they not belong there at this level?  What’s the right balance for you?

Final Project Workshop

Leave comments on another groups’ planner.

Imagine you are a teacher from another school interested in trying to use this planner to recreate this project.  What would you need for this to be a complete plan?  Ask questions about things that are not clear?  Are there formatting issues that make it hard to read?  Questions about how to set up a software account/what specific software was used?  Questions about the media literacy value of the project?  Questions about the relevancy to the CCSS-based core content being expanded on?  Assume nothing — be pushy!

If there is an existing comment from someone else that is related to yours, click on that comment and leave a response in the thread.

The planner is open to interpretation — if there are suggestions for how the content could be presented within the tables, make suggestions as comments.

Commenting partners: 

  • Zoe/Lindsy <–> Vicki/Janice/Judy
  • Nat <–> Brianna/Lauren

For Class 8:  Final Project Planner & Summary Due

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