Class 8: Set yourself up with a media literacy short list

Tell us what your project is (elevator pitch)

2mins: nutshell, tools, software, media lit focus

Hand in and Troubleshoot Final Project

Troubleshoot final project planners and writing.  Use partners from last time.  Why is the project interesting/exciting to you?  Is anything missing/unclear?  What could go deeper?  What questions would you have to make this work for you if you HADN’T taken this course?

Activity: Present Media Literacy to your Colleagues

Create your own media literacy resource center for the purpose of turnkeying your new knowledge to your colleagues.
Use a template in the playground platform. Start brainstorming together. What questions would YOU pose to your colleagues to think about before they start to incorporate Media Literacy?  What questions would you have for them?  Work in partnerships.

Watch the Broken Commercials

What could you have done with more time?

Course Feedback Form

Please fill out this anonymous Google Form.

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