All readings for this class will be provided digitally through this website.  They will be added as we go, tailored to the needs of the class. 

Readings for Class 2: February 11, 2013

Readings for Class 3: February 25, 2013

UPDATE 2.12.13: Because we are not meeting until the 25th, please proceed with the following readings.  

Readings & Viewing for Class 4: March 11, 2013

The following links are to help you hone in on how you will try Voicethread in your classroom this week with your students.  Your main focus for next class is to have tried something in your classroom and linked it to 1) something in your curriculum (content/concept), 2) a media literacy concept, 3) a common core standard.  Please type those into your Media Literacy Unit Planner for the next class.   

Readings & Viewing for Class 7: March 18, 2013

This is a working break for experimenting with projects designed in class.  Bring back questions and examples of student work from your classroom production experiments. 

Readings & Viewing for Class 6: April 8, 2013

Theme we will discuss:  How youth interest in participatory culture can connect with K-12 curricula, and thinking about the strengths/weaknesses of “blended” (online + face-to-face) learning for the K-12 teacher.  

Readings & Viewing for Class 7: April 22, 2013

We will be using the Learning About Media Project’s “LAMPlatoon” as a model for “breaking”,  remixing and re-publishing existing media texts.  Our “breaks” should be informed by the KEY QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN ANALYZING MEDIA MESSAGES (PDF) which we read earlier in class.